Consulting Services

Just like big corporation, you are looking for a way to maximize your resources: time, cash, personnel, space and so on. But unlike big corporation with lengthy recourses which allow them to have more room for trial and errors, your position is much harder because you are an SMEs (Small and Medium enterprises). In other words, you are constantly in “lack of resources” mode.
At Grey Cells, we understands your pressure. We design our service to alleviate that. We help you leverage big corporation proven succeed models and avoid the failed ones. You will have the same valuable knowledge of practical tools and frameworks of big corporations which adapted to your specific scenario and budget. More than that, our service aims to transfer to you not only knowledge but also skills so that you can handle those issues independently in the future.
We focus on 4 areas of the business:

  • New Business/Start up consulting
  • Strategic Marketing consulting
  • Business problem solving consulting
  • Marketing implementation consulting

Which can help you to:

  • Evaluate your company’s status: current advantages and problems from a neutral and holistic approach.
  • Launch new product or start a new business
  • Expand operations
  • Plan and executive organizational restructure
  • Keep staff well trained with the most up to date skill and knowledge
  • Substitute for the need of hiring and retaining high-level personnel
Business Problems Solving Consulting

Business Problems Solving Consulting

  • Sales & Marketing issue
  • Cost management issue
Marketing Implementation Consulting

Marketing Implementation Consulting

  • Digital Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
Strategic Marketing Consulting

Strategic Marketing Consulting

  • Market/Industry analysis and assessment
  • Marketing strategy and Marketing plan
New Business / Startup Consulting

New Business / Startup Consulting

  • Idea evaluation/testing 
  • Business model