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  • Interactive quiz to help individual to get key ideas of the lessons and Group work for teamwork and knowledge sharing
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01/11/2019 10

Entrepreneurship/Business start up

You’ve got great and viable product idea and a strong determination to conquer the entrepreneurship journey but the ugly fact is that 80% of start-ups fails...

14&15 -09/2019 4

E-Commerce for Beginners

E-commerce is expanding tremendously around the world by taking advantage of the internet. According to a survey by Nielsen Vietnam, more than 55% of Vietnamese consumers are willing to purchase online because of its speed and convenience; 35.8 million people spend about 24,7 hours/week to browse, buy and sell goods online.

14/10/2019 8

Services Marketing

4.4 (4)

Service industries dominate the economy of most nations. Indeed, more than three quarters of new employment around the world is in the service sector in areas such as Retail, Finance & Banking, F&B, Tourism, Education & Training, Telecommunication… This course examines key concepts, tools and models that underpin service success.

28/05/2019 8

Core Marketing - Human Centric Marketing

Human Centric Marketing is about focusing on the “human” sides of our Marketing efforts, looking at customers as human beings not as consumers or buyers of our products/services that can help gain genuine insights of what kind of approach best works with them.

02/12/2019 8

Critical Thinking/Reasoning

4.5 (7)

Why do you need critical thinking?

If there was one life skill everyone on the planet needed, it was the ability to think with critical objectivity”―Josh Lanyon

Strategic Tools for Business

In today’s business, it’s our desire to be differentiate so that we can gain sustainable competitive advantages. In that setting, Strategy is a process of finding...

Design Thinking

Today innovation is everyone's business. Whether you are a manager in a global corporation, an entrepreneur starting up, in a government role, or a teacher in an elementary school...

Marketing Strategy (Advanced)

One common truth about any strategy is about making choice: we decide to do this but NOT do that, we accept trade-offs in exchange for efficiency and focus...

New Product Development

Nielsen’s “historical new product performance” analysis found that around 80% will fail, no matter how lenient the definitions of failure, or how accepting and open-minded the markets...

Digital Marketing

The emerging of digital technologies does not only provide business managers with new marketing tools but also changes the paradigm of modern marketing...

Finance For Non Finance Manager

Whether you are a Sales person, a Marketer or Production manager and of course a business owner, the more you step up to the career ladder...