E-Commerce for Beginners

E-commerce is expanding tremendously around the world by taking advantage of the internet. According to a survey by Nielsen Vietnam, more than 55% of Vietnamese consumers are willing to purchase online because of its speed and convenience; 35.8 million people spend about 24,7 hours/week to browse, buy and sell goods online. This is a huge opportunity for super small, small and medium businesses to reach potential customers on online channels instead of the traditional channels consuming huge operating and management costs.

About the trend of e-commerce, experts emphasized that online transactions will grow rapidly about 30% per year in the coming time. The opportunity is for everyone, it is important that you should be well - prepared for updated knowledge and skills to participate in this potential playground.

- Understanding E-commerce and its features in comparison with other traditional channels

- Understanding online shopper as well as their shopping habits and behaviors

- Applying 4Ps model to have an effective E-commerce business plan

- Learning principles of operating and coordinating with existing E-commerce platforms in Vietnam

  • Business owners who wish to expand their business scope to E-commerce platforms.
  • Students and start-ups who wish to prepare knowledge for their start up journey
  • Those who have online businesses already and wish to scale up to E-commerce platforms
  • E-commerce and its specific features compared with traditional channels
  • The basic principles of the E-commerce operating system
  • E-commerce models and its characteristics
  • Online Shopper Shopping Habits and Behavior
  • PRODUCT: Building a product portfolio
  • PRICE:  Pricing for each product-line on different platforms
  • PLATFORM: Choosing the most suitable E-commerce platform for each product line for different customer segments. Platform integration between online shops, websites and fan pages…

  • PROMOTION: Effectively communicating to target customers via key visual, key message, advertising content…

  • Principles for working effectively with E-commerce sites (Tiki, Lazada, Shopee ...)
  • Sales operation process with E-  commerce platforms
  • The role of Digital Marketing in E-commerce:

         + Website

         + Search Engine Marketing (SEM, SEO)

         + Social Media Marketing (Facebook fanpage)

         + Email Marketing

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Number of sessions:4

Schedule:Sat & Sun (9am – 12am & 2pm – 5pm)

Fee:3,000,000 VND/ 4 sections

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